SM Australia is an organisation of specialists dedicated purely to maintaining the unique beauty, style and performance of the Citroen SM. Few   people have ever experienced the silent power and velvet ride of an SM, or the unique precision of the steering and the brakes. With 25 years dedication to servicing and restoring SM’s and, in fact, improving them with modern technology, we are able to recreate that experience for you.


Owning an SM, prepared and maintained by SM Australia, will be an enjoyable and rewarding experience, allowing you to become one of the privileged few able to appreciate the unique virtues that only the Citroen SM can provide. We have imported and rebuilt many SM’s over the last 25 years and are regarded as Australia’s only SM specialists. Our restoration service and conversions to right-hand drive (a most difficult operation) are internationally recognised. Our cars can be finished to concourse winning standards or as daily drivers, built to suit your budget.


The establishment of the SM Australia facility hasn’t happened overnight. Peter McLeod, a Citroen Dealer for over 28 years, first fell in love with the beautiful SM in 1972. Since then he has established a unique facility that imports, restores and maintains a variety of SM models.


SM Australia also documents the community of SMs in Australia with its SM register, and provides opportunities for owners to participate in classic car concourses and exhibitions. Last year, it held its inaugural Grand Tour specifically for SM owners in the Australasia region with over 20 cars participating. This year’s event is scheduled to take place on 12th and 13th August in Albury and the surrounding region. Click on the link below for more information.


Chassis SD00SD0406 was sold new in by Lee Layton Foreign Cars from New Jesery in 1973 to a elderly local business owner.


With only 7438mls covered by 1976 it was at Laytons for service when the owner passed away.The car was returned to his family home where it remained for the next 32yrs. covered and untouched in the heated garage untill his wife died in 2008 and the family home and inclusions were sold as part of the estate .